Monday, December 17, 2007

UFO Cepu 1942 - Indonesia

One of the oldest Living UFO Sighting Witness in 1942 - Cepu, Indonesia, seen by Grandma Samsikin Hendro Sukirman, she was born in Pacitan 28 November 1914, Watch her story (^_^), this video documented and let it become Copyleft 2007 (free to copy and modified by yourself and you can put it in your site too) by in Saturday, 15 December 2007 at 12.00-12.20 o'clock

Wants to download this video? use this free software,

Pict1. Her Description about the UFO, the diameters about 50 cms round, the object floating about 2 meters from underground, and she was look at it at a distance approximately about 6 meters away

Pict 2. The Map of the object came from, From East of Taman Siswa School in 1942 - Cepu, Indonesia and approach Grandma Samsikin (black Dot)in front of the school Hallway and the object moved away to the south

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