Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Create your own "UFO" in low budget

Create your own floating "UFO" in low budget
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What we need to achieved by this low budget "UFO" is to understand the very basic knowledge about ion's attract and repel to each others. And by this simple "ion's attract and repel" sample, we can move forward to the real project to create this such technology soon or later.
The materials, we need:
1. Thin Transparent Plastic Sheets, usually used for book cover, can be purchased in Stationary/ books Shop or if you have Transparent Plastic Cylinders also can be used.

2. A pair of round Magnets or more if you want to create it more than one. Magnets also can be purchased in Stationary, or perhaps you already have Refrigerator Magnet toys (magnet stick on), take the magnets out if the toys not in round form.

3. a Cutter (a Scissor) and a Stainless Steel Ruler to cut and modeling the Plastic Sheet.

4. an Adhesive Transparent Tape and Strong Adhesive for plastic ware (plastic bonds).

but before we get to it step-by-step, you need to see this video to understand magnets natural behavior.

1. OK, now, we need to shape Transparent thick Plastic sheet to create a cylinder form with Diameter little bit bigger than the Magnet's Diameter, with Height around 3 - 4 CMs. Use cutter, Stainless Steel Ruler, Strong Plastic Bonds and Adhesive tape to make easier the Cylinder creation. If you already have bought manufactured Plastic Cylinders, that would be cool (^_^). Used the one that's fits with round magnets that we have.

2. Bonds the a round magnet with Transparent Plastic Sheet just like in the picture, why we do that?. Just to make sure the magnet will not go anywhere and fixed in it's place. Or if you use Manufactured Cylinder, just bonds it at the bottom of the cylinder cap.

3. So the Magnet will attach firmly on the Transparent Plastic Sheet, now we need this to cap off to one of the Cylinder's side we've just made. Use Plastic Bonds and Adhesive Tape to easier the process (^_^), and the Result, more or less just like this.

4. Now, we need to create the second Transparent Cylinder, this time let the Cylinder diameter exactly as Round Magnet's Diameter we have and formed like this picture, and make taller than before, well i put more magnets and weight for this cylinder.

5. Now for the final steps, put small cylinder into bigger cylinder just like in this picture bellow.

6. Tadaaaa! it's FLOATING!. Look the Magnets Repel each Other and not running away to somewhere else, that's because the cylinders prevent the magnets to going away more than the bottom's Cylinder diameter. FYI: Magnet also can be made by using electric charge.

Huh?. That's it?, a really simple and silly like that?. Hm, talk about Columbus's Egg and Newton's Apple right?.

You can watch the video below to see it more convincingly. I Call this Angel Michael's UFO Very Basic Low Budget Experiment (^_^).

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