Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dragonfly with Long Antennas

One night, 6th Nov 2009, around at 7.30 pm, a dragonfly flew in my house, my cat hunted it down, before it get eaten, i grabbed it first.

When I looked closely, I suddenly realize that this dragonfly is differs, it has two long antennas on its head, you can see it in the pictures bellow.

These Pictures are not in high resolution, because I was using my mobile phone Camera, I also documented in video, check them out here.

After took some pictures & videos, then I let it go somewhere outside, afraid that it's just a new rare species so it must live for its own survival and for our future generation.

If yes this is the first sighting of it's kind, so I named this new species "angel michael's dragonfly"

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